Who We Are

Mission Statement

"National Sports Training Alliance (NSTA) is a national (501)(c) non -profit organization that assists adults and children of all ages that are at-risk, in low-income areas become positive, contributing, disciplined leaders through sports training and education"

We Teach Life, Train Champions, and Produce Leaders.

Heading into 2021, NSTA is setting a goal to help 100 students from low-income areas grades K-12 join our sports program.

These students will learn discipline, positivity, and leadership through sports while being taught life skills in our classrooms. 

A Family That Trains Together, Stays Together:

At NSTA we strive to help large families struggling to find activities they can all participate in at an affordable price. 

So in 2019 we decided to set a goal to help 18 families join our "Family Strong" Program. This program will help low-income families build strong family bonds through training.

Our Founders

Phillip Perkins


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Our Work In Action

At This Moment

23 students in our sports program

61% are fully covered memberships

39% are subsidized memberships

3 families in our Family Strong Program

12 champions

Our Needs

Your Donations Go Towards

  • Operating Expenses
  • Training Equipment
  • Membership Cost
  • Travel & Events

You Can Also Donate Towards

  • Special Events
  • Classroom Martial
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Tutors & Teachers